Hi Bridge Club members,

After having read NZ Bridge's Coronavirus Advisory No 3 from Allan Morris, I went to Charles at the pharmacy for more wellness advice...

The upshot is that we are all warned about the possible danger of coming to play bridge together for the foreseeable future. This is because we share cards and many of us are in the most vulnerable age group if we should contract the virus. Please do not come to bridge if you have a cold or are feeling unwell. As you will be aware, extra attention to hand hygiene is also essential.

NZ Bridge has not closed down clubs or tournaments to date. Charles has issued us with hand sanitiser but recommends we don't play in a large group situation.

So... bridge will go ahead today for those who come. At the committee meeting tonight we will try to decide the best course of action for the following weeks.

With best wishes for your continuing good health.


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